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"Every phrase is caressed so lovingly, the music emerging from her throat with a pearl-like shimmer and the dynamic changes so tastefully and subtly applied..."
- Fanfare
"...she makes each song a special event...You keep waiting for the spell to break, but it never does. This is the work of a master artist."
- Fanfare
"Her soprano is bright and agile, and she uses vibrato and ornamentation vividly to extract telling nuances from words and music."
- Gramophone
"I was immediately captivated by Mercer's singing and could not stop listening or write a single word of comment until the entire cycle was finished. Yes, she's that good..."
- Fanfare
"One of Toronto's classical treasures, soprano Shannon Mercer...shapes long, arching melodies with the unforced ease of someone sipping their second Long Island iced tea. This is a pool of song one wants to swim around in for hours."
- Toronto Star