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Shannon adds to her award-winning discography with this new recording with Ensemble Caprice. “Salsa Baroque” blends the music of Latin America and Spain of the 17th and 18th centuries. In director Matthias Maute’s words: “Despite the human and political tragedies surrounding the colonization of the South-American continent, the musical culture that resulted is distinguished by its fiery spirit and passion: here is music with a unique character that enriches the repertoire of the 17th century with refreshing novelties.”

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Ensemble Caprice
Matthias Maute – direction, recorder, traverso

Shannon Mercer – soprano I
Esteli Gomez-soprano II
Scott Belluz – altus
Joel Gonzalez – tenor
Philippe Martel – bass

Release date: September 2010 Analekta 
Album ID: AN 2 9957

Track Listing

Anonyme (collection Flores de música, 1706 – 1709)
1. Chacona 2:36

Anonyme (published in Cuzco, Peru, 1631)
2. Hanacpachap cussicuinin
sopranos I & II, altus, tenor, bass 3:44

Anonyme (coll. Flores de música)
3. Differenzias sobre la Gayta 4:15

Gaspar Fernandes (c. 1570 – 1629)
4. Tleycantimo choquiliya 3:34
sopranos I & II, altus, tenor, bass

Anonyme (coll. Flores de música)
5. Xácara 2:01

Juan de Araujo (1648 – 1712)
6. Los cofl ades de la estleya 4:16
sopranos I & II, altus, tenor, bass

Anonyme (coll. Flores de música)
7. Pasacalles de 2o tono 2:27

Henry de Bailly (c. 1585 – 1637)
8. Yo soy la locura (from : Ballet de la follie) 4:56 LISTEN HERE
soprano I

Domenico Zipoli (1668 – 1726)
9-11 Pastorale 2 :55

Anonyme (coll. Truxillo del Perú II, c. 1780)
12. Lanchas para baylar 2:21

Domenico Zipoli
13-15 Battalia imperiale 3:31

Antonio de Salazar (c. 1650 – 1715)
16. Tarará 1:28 LISTEN HERE
sopranos I & II

Anonyme (coll. Flores de música)
17. Temblante estilo italiano 3:05

Gaspar Fernandes
18. Xicochi Conetzintle 2:03
soprano I, altus, tenor, bass

Santiago de Murcia (1673 – 1739)
19. Marizapalos 3:33
20. La Jotta 3:49

Anonyme (coll. Flores de música)
21. Discurso con ecos 6:39

Juan García de Zéspedes (1619 – 1678)
22. Convidando está la noche 3:29 LISTEN HERE
sopranos I & II, altus, tenor, bass

"One of Canada's most promising young stars, soprano Shannon Mercer is featured on this tender ballad. Her luminous voice blends beautifully with simplicity of the flute and recorder." (Minnesota Public Radio, 4 January 2011)

"With the help of excellent Toronto soprano Shannon Mercer and countertenor Scott Belluz, this assortment by overlooked composers glows with colour and inner fire." (Toronto Star, 1 November, 2010)