burnt-toast-dvd-web.gif (13399 bytes)Shannon joins a cast of many of Canada’s brightest comedic and dramatic stars and the voices of some of its most famed opera stars in Burnt Toast, hour-long television opera, comprised of a series of eight comic operas each depicting a different stage of romantic love. An irreverent and hilarious spin on opera, domestic drama and the hallowed institutions of love and marriage, the relationships in Burnt Toast run the gamut: from the passionate to the fantastized, the bored and of course, the dead relationship, each as recognizable as the last.
With original music by Canadian composer Alexina Louie and lyrics by comedian, Dan Redican, Burnt Toast is directed by Larry Weinstein.

* GEMINI Award Nominee

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Paul Gross
Mark McKinney
Colin Mochrie
Cathy Jones
Colm Feore
Leah Pinsent
Jessica Holmes
Seán Cullen
Russell Braun
Isabel Bayrakdarian
Shannon Mercer
and more…

Alexina Louie, composer
Dan Redican, lyrics
Larry Weinstein, director

Release date: March 2006
Product ID: ETART00126


1. Nothing Happens in the Park
2. Traffic Jammed
3. The Perfect Moment
4. Forever and Ever
5. Choo Choo and You Too
6. An Argument
7. Justifiable Homicide
8. I Am Soooo Over You